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The story of the band "Pandora's Tears" began on an evening in 2009, when Mimi and Sascha decided to found a band based on their musical adventures and experiences. Over the years, their own musical style grew, many songs were written and many concerts were played.

In February 2013 the recording of the first album "Now and Beyond" began. The release took place on November 30, 2013 as part of a record release show.

Further gigs followed in Berlin and the surrounding area with the final highlights in December 2015 as support for My Insanity in Eisleben and at the beginning of 2016 a great charity event for the benefit of Sea Shepherd together with artists like Circles of Malice, Five Kiss Prophecy, Castle of Clouds and Rivals in Friends.

Already during this concert series the single "In June" was recorded. This was released on 03. June 2016 on the sampler "The Battle of Metal Vol.3" by Dark Tunes.

In 2018 the band went back into the studio to record the new EP "The Art of Life", which was released on 31. August 2018.

Formation of the band by Mimi und Sascha
Release EP "First Take"
Soundtrack to the book "Vergeltungsschlag" (retaliatory strike) by Dirk Radtke
Release Single "New Day"
Release album "Now and Beyond"
Release "Now and Beyond" on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, ...
Entry of Mauro and Shorty
Entry of André
Release Single "In June"
Release "In June" on sampler "The Battle of Metal Vol.3" by Dark Tunes
Release EP "The Art of Life"
date of birth 11th November 1983
place of birth Berlin
equipment Audio Technica ATW-T702 Microphone
Audio Technica ATW-R700 Receiver
TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic
quote "Without music, life would be a mistake." Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
what no one wants to know "Gummy bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere..." - the completely normal Mimi madness
Mimi (vocals)
Mauro (guitar)
date of birth 28th December 1989
place of birth Berlin
equipment Epiphone Les Paul Custom MKH
B.C.Rich NJ Warbeast Deluxe

Marshall MA 100H

Boss NS-2
Maxon OD-808
Electro Harmonix Neo Clone
quote "Jop"
what no one wants to know I am Batman!
date of birth 18th September 1983
place of birth Berlin
equipment Epiphone Les Paul Custom MKH
Ibanez Darkstone DN500 BK
Ibanez S670FM

Engl Fireball E625

MXR - ZW-38 Chorus Zakk Wylde Black Label
MXR - ZW-44 Overdrive Zakk Wylde
quote "There is a goal, but no way; what we call a way is hesitation." Franz Kafka
what no one wants to know After three beers, there must be a glass of wine! \m/ ;-P
Basti (guitar)
Shorty (bass guitar)
name Andreas Brandner
date of birth 19th February 1984
place of birth Lutherstadt Eisleben
equipment ESP Ltd F-5E NS
ESP Ltd B-55 BK
Warwick RB Alien Standard 5

Trace Elliot GP7 SM 300
2x 212 Trace Elliot speakers

Audio Technica System 10 radio system
EBS Sweden Multicomp
Digitech Bass Multi-Chorus
Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff
MXR M80 Bass DI Plus
quote Find your way before another one goes it!
what no one wants to know Yes, I can't get enough hair care products.
Shorty on Facebook Shorty on Twitter Shorty on Instagram Shorty on last.fm
date of birth 22nd October 1993
place of birth Berlin
equipment Tama Imperialstar

Meinl MCS
14" Hi-Hat
16" Crash
20" Ride

Zildjan ZBT
18" Crash
14" Crash

Meinl Classics
18" China
12" China Splash
10" Splash

bass drum pedal
Tama Iron Cobra Junior
quote "I choose to live, not just exist."
J. Hetfield
what no one wants to know In Germany unemployed football players are listed as an artist at the Federal Employment Agency.
André (drums)